Current music projects:

  • Debut album "Cycles": The album presents eight of my compositions for oud, piano, bass and drums. The compositions are the results of long-term experiments with transcultural composition techniques. The album is available now on major digital platforms.
  •  Sound transformation through improvisation: A series of improvisations for solo oud that experiments with new play techniques, intonations and timbres, among others. The aim is to gain new insights and to question dubious convictions related to eastern Mediterranean music at the same time. The improvisations are published regularly on my SoundCloud account.


Karam, Shadi, Daisam Jalo et al. 2011. An-Naẓarīyāt al-mūsīqīyah wa-l-hārmūnī [Music theory and harmony], Damascus: Syrian General Organization of Book.

Jalo, Daisam. 2016. At-Tūn al-kurdī. Baḥṯ fī s-salālim al-mūsīqīya al-kurdīya fī ḍawʾ an-niẓām aṣ- ṣawtī at-turkī [The Kurdish Tone. A study of Kurdish scales in the light of the Turkish tonal system], Sulaymaniyah: Kurdish Heritage Institute.

soon-to-be published:
Jalo, Daisam. Die Bedeutung der syrischen Musiktraditionen - als immaterielles Kulturerbe - für den kulturellen Wiederaufbau Syriens.

Jalo, Daisam. “The Kurdish Tone.” a Computer-based Research on the Supposed Kurdish Tonal System