2001 - 2004             engineering school, Damascus 

2004 - 2009             bachelor student: Oud, with the Azerbaijani Prof. Askar Ali

Akbar, higher institute of music Damascus, graduation with distinction 

2012 - 2014             master student at the university of Music Franz Liszt Weimar, Musicology with the Profile „Transcultural music Studies“, master thesis:  The Kurdish Tone. A study of Kurdish scales in the light of the Turkish tonal system

2017 - 2022             PhD Student at the university of Music Franz Liszt Weimar,

Musicology with the Profile „Transcultural Music Studies“, PhD thesis: The role of Syrian music traditions in the cultural reconstruction of Syria 


2016                         with the Berlin-based band orphé at Fusion Festival  Brandenburg/Germany, at Lange Nacht der Museen in German Historical museum Berlin & in Radialsystem Berlin; with the band Berlin-Baghdad Bahn in Werkstatt der Kulturen

2017                         with orphé at Feté de la musique in Cammerspiele Leipzig/Germany & at Poesiefestival Berlin; with several Syrian musicians at Still Alive: Syrian Diasporic Sounds in Kampnagel Hamburg/Germany

2018                         with orphé at Eastern Tunes Festival  Mikulášovice/Czech Republic & at Moritzbastei Leipzig/Germany


2010 - 2012             Cultural Education in Damascene schools

2015 - 2018             with the Berlin-based band orphé

2016                         with the band Berlin-Baghdad Bahn

2016 - 2017             guide in the Pergamon museum with Multaka - Treffpunkt Museum

2017 - 2022             with Ulrike Düregger and band 

2018                         with Musikrundgang-project in the Museum of Islamic Art Berlin

2018 - 2021             searching Syrian recordings collection at the Ethnological museum in Berlin as part of the project can heritage objects represent a home? 


2012 - 2014             DAAD-research fellowship 

2017 - 2021             DAAD-research fellowship

2023                         Initiative Musik - music production grant