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Listen to an excerpt of my new composition "Maqam-Elegy for a Distorted Human Being" on SoundCloud

 My debut album "Cycles" is nominated for The German Record Critics' Award, Category: Crossover Productions 



Daisam Jalo is a composer, oudist and ethnomusicologist. Born in Damascus 1984,
he started studying music at the age of 10.
His journey with the oud began shortly afterwards.

Between 2004 and 2009 he studied at the higher institute of music in Damascus, where he attended beside oud class, harmony, orchestration and composing classes. As a student, he expanded not only on the Arabic maqam - both as a theory and as a practice - but also on other musics of the world. At the same time, he was working on his own compositional style, mainly through applying "transcultural strategies of composing".

2012 he moved to Weimar, Germany to attend a master's degree program in Ethnomusicology. His studies broadened his thinking in and of music, and sharpened his transcultural abilities. His master thesis discussed the scales and intervals in the traditional Kurdish music and used computational methods to determine them.

Since he moved to Berlin 2015, he joined several heritage and music projects. This engagement with music and heritage in general led the path to his own PhD-research, which focused on the traditional Syrian music and its possible role in the cultural reconstruction of Syria in the aftermath of the current crisis.

As a musician and composer, his work moves between the realms of Eastern Mediterranean Music, Jazz and contemporary music.